Personal Branding

  • To be good at somethingis not enough. People need to see it and need know it.
  • If you are not branding yourself, you can be assured that others are doing it for you. But the good thing is thanks to social media and the rise of networking opportunitiesyou can influence how you want to be perceived by others. You can now be in the driver’s seat! You can define what you want to stand for based on your values and your purpose.
  • Not making yourself visible not only implies that potential remains unused by yourself, but also that value is lost on the “other” side, which could benefit from this potential.
  • Do not miss out the chance to be a role model for others, to find the right people, to share expertise, to take the next step in your career, to start your own business, etc.

Community Building

  • How do I build a strong community on social media? No matter if it’s a project, an initiative, a start-up or a career in business.
  • I need promoters and supporters who share my vision and support my mission.
  • Every beginning is hard.
  • With this workshop session I would like to work out effective solutions with the participants, which are practical to implement and lead to success.