The Corporate Influencer PROGRAM

Corporate Influencer Strategy


Corporate Influencer  PROGRAM


As a corporate influencer, communicate successfully for you and your company

Corporate influencers can be a powerful tool to increase the presence and impact of your brand online. Our strategy will help your brand ambassadors to take your success to the next level.

With the Corporate Influencer Programme, you will learn how to use social media skilfully for your corporate communication.

6 high-quality modules to become an online communication professional!

Your return on investment in 4 sentences. You learn:

✔ How to strengthen your brand and build a fan base with a personal or company site.

✔ How to best position yourself to achieve expert status.

✔ How to define your communication and represent your company in the best possible way.

✔ How to create effective and appealing content and visualizations and reach your target group


  • Module 1:

    Introduction - Definition, meaning & relevance
    Areas of application & added value
    The Corporate Influencer Canvas

  • Module 2:

    – Corporate Culture

  • Module 3:

    Brand (purpose, positioning, values, identity/message –Value proposition Module

  • Module 4:

    Social Media Guidelines – Dialogue (Social listening, Content & Stories, Media, Tools)

  • Module 5:

    Audience (Community) – Customer Journey

  • Module 6:

    – Reward system – Success criteria/measurements